Integration and Commissioning

With a wide array of certifications by leading equipment vendors, we provides a broad service offering for most cellular, microwave, and terrestrial telecom network installations.

Equipment Installation

Equipment Installation starts after the radio site construction works are completed. Antenna installation, feeder cables, cabinets and BTS equipment’s are installed and related cable/feeder connections are done according to the Radio Site Engineering report.

Equipment Commissioning

After installation is finished, the equipment is powered up and tested in a standalone environment including cable connections. Also the lasted software and settings are loaded into the equipment configuration.

Equipment Integration

When the equipment is commissioned, the network element needs to be connected to the network and integrated to become a functional part of this network.


When network equipment’s lifecycle has come to an end, we can decommission all or part of the network system during or after an upgrade or replacement. Our team can handle necessary lease negotiations and closures, construction management, A&E services, warehousing, and hazmat removal and cleanup.